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The Gerrick Winston Memorial Scholarship

ACTRA Alberta is pleased to announce

The Gerrick Winston Memorial Scholarship.

When Gerrick Winston unexpectedly passed away last December, the shock was palpable, the grief deep, and the plaudits plentiful and heartfelt. 

EVERYONE knew Gerrick, and all loved the heart-on-his sleeve goodness, humour, and inviting nature for which he was known. His ability to welcome the newcomer and make them feel like an old friend is legendary. 

There was an immediate and loud appeal to have him permanently remembered in some way. It took about 2 minutes for those on ACTRA Alberta council to suggest that the recently initiated scholarship be named in his honour. I am happy to say that his family has heartily endorsed this proposal, and it goes into effect April 25, 2019.

For me, the reason this is the perfect way to remember him is because he ALWAYS saw the positive in everyone. Saw their best selves through his eyes. And that is the aim of The Gerrick Winston Memorial Scholarship: to help ACTRA Alberta members find their best professional selves, through training, and practical experiences.

On behalf of the current council, we are proud to recognize Gerrick in this way. And we look forward to telling his story, when future generations ask us why the scholarship bears his name.

Blair Young

President, ACTRA Alberta

Scholarship Overview:

The Member Scholarship will contribute funding to Full Members in pursuit of educational and/or professional development.

ACTRA Alberta will award funding, to a maximum of $3,500 per year to Full Members to enhance their educational and/or professional standards in the industry. Eligible programs are those which assist the member in continuing to develop their careers, whether directly through actor training or training to further employment in the Alberta Screen Industries.

SUBMISSION DEADLINES for 2020 / 2021 will be announced in March 2021.


Any Full Member, in good standing, who is a resident of Alberta and a member of the Alberta Branch for a minimum of six months, may apply for the scholarship.

In the case of members wishing to transition to a new career in the screen industries, priority will be awarded based on length of membership within ACTRA Alberta.

Further Information:

Only Canadian courses / workshops are eligible for scholarship funding.

Awards will be paid directly to the institution, school, or teacher providing the education and not directly to the applicant unless other arrangements are made.

If the applicant requires to travel and reside away from their normal residence, assistance MAY be awarded for travel and lodging, to a maximum of four hundred and fifty ($450) dollars for board and lodging and eight hundred ($800) dollars for return travel.

The program of study must begin within nine months of the application deadline. Scholarship funds will not be awarded for courses that are already complete.

In the event the member A) withdraws from the course before it begins or B) withdraws partway through before the course’s completion, the member will be responsible either for A) any monies not refunded to ACTRA by the institution or company or B) the assessed value of the remaining part of the course or courses not completed.

Upon completion of the program of study, the member will be required to provide written proof of completion.

Members may only apply to a maximum of $10,000 on a lifetime.

To Apply:

The application form is available FORM_Scholarship Application and at the ACTRA Alberta office.

Supporting Information Required:

  • A resume
  • A full description of the course of study
  • Proof of acceptance in the course
  • Tuition cost
  • A statement of any other financial assistance being awarded for the same course of study, including other bursaries or parental support
  • An essay of no more than six hundred (600) words or a video no longer than three minutes outlining the reasoning for making the application, personal objectives and why there is a financial need.

If applying for travel and lodging:

  • The location of the study program is required
  • Full details of costing including travel and lodging

If submitting by email, please send to

If submitting a hard copy, the application should be submitted directly to:

ACTRA Alberta

812, 7015 Macleod Trail SW

Calgary, AB T2H 2K6

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