• Please ensure you scan your background vouchers separately and that the information is clear and readable to anyone reading it.  If the voucher is not thoroughly scanned, either rescan it or include your pay stub with that voucher.

  • Before you submit your vouchers, list them in chronological date order with the name of the production and the voucher number following it in your email. Only 15 vouchers will be accepted within the last 12 months, dated from your latest voucher.   Example below. Voucher 1 – January 2nd – Production Name – Voucher #, Voucher 2 – January 3rd – Production Name – Voucher #, Voucher 3 – March 6th – Production Name – Voucher #, Voucher 4 – August 31st – Production Name – Voucher #.
  • Important note: ACTRA does not accept vouchers for wardrobe fittings, sensory training, rehearsals, or Covid19 tests as valid membership vouchers as they are not on set working vouchers.
  • Once your vouchers are organized, reviewed, and ready for submission, please email ACTRA Alberta Business Representative Anne Marie Nakagawa.  If approved, an official confirmation letter with an ACTRA membership number is sent to you acknowledging your new status, not before. ACTRA Email: anakagawa@actra.ca.

Click here for the Background Application Membership Form.

Thank you!